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Creative writing tips for highschool students

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Creative Writing Tips for Students & Teachers: How to Write a Lesson

Creative writing tips for highschool students

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AP Biology: The Properties of Water Essay. Water has many unique properties that make life possible on Earth. One property is cohesion. The cohesion property is properly defined as the binding of water molecules by hydrogen bonds. Water has this property as a result of the chemical bonding between water. Cohesion of the strong hydrogen bonds allows the creative writing tips for highschool students water molecules to stick together, almost as a unit of one. A force exerted on one of the translation english molecules will be exerted on creative tips, all of the adjacent molecules as a result of cohesion.

Cohesion, often with the cooperation of adhesion, the clinging of one substance to revising essays another, adds to the function and creative students ability of water to overcome strong natural forces, such as gravity. When water is in its liquid state of matter, the hydrogen bonds are very frail and weak, about one-twentieth as strong as covalent bonds. The bonds are made, broken, and remade very quickly. Each hydrogen bond lasts only a few trillionths of a second, but the or thesis constant synthesis of new bonds with a succession of partners acquires equilibrium. Therefore, a significant percentage of all the water molecules are bonded to their neighbors, making water a more orderly structured liquid than most other known liquids. A property related to cohesion is surface tension, a measure of how difficult it is to stretch or break the surface of a liquid.

Water is known to have a greater surface tension than most other liquids. An ordered arrangement of hydrogen-bonded water molecules is creative students, present at the boundary between water and air. As a result water behaves as though it is coated with an invisible film along the surface. Microfinance. An example how the cohesion of water affects the functioning of living organisms is creative for highschool, present in plants. Evaporation from the leaves in plants pulls water up from the roots. Cohesion due to hydrogen bonding helps hold the column of water molecules together within the pierre laplace essay on probabilities xylem vessels located in the stem or trunk of a plant. Adhesion helps the process by resisting the pull of tips for highschool students gravity against the upward motion of the molecules. Another property of water is its solubility.

Water is known as the universal solvent of life. Many substances can be combined with water to form a solution, a homogeneous mixture between two substances. Water, in solutions, is known as the solvent. The substance or substances being dissolved is school essay, known as the solute. For Highschool. An aqueous solution is when a homogenous mixture where water is the solvent is english, present. As found by the medieval alchemists, water is the most soluble liquid. Although water is writing for highschool, technically not universal, it is very versatile solvent. Water#8217;s solubility is pierre a philosophical essay on probabilities, a result of its polarity. Water is a polar molecule, meaning that the opposite ends of the molecule of opposite charges.

In a water molecule, the polar covalent bonds allow the oxygen region of the molecule to have a partial negative charge and the hydrogen regions to creative writing tips have a partial positive charge. When ionic crystals are placed in water, they are ionized. The partially negative ion from the crystal bond to the hydrogen ions in water. The partially positive ion from the crystal bond to research paper quality the oxygen ions in water. The sphere of water molecules around each dissolved ion is called a hydration shell.

Water eventually dissolves all the ions. As a result, there is a solution containing two solutes from the salt homogeneously mixed with water, the versatile solvent. Aside from ionic compounds, water can also be a solvent for many polar molecules. Creative Tips For Highschool Students. An effect of the school essay versatile solubility can be demonstrated in the functioning of creative writing tips students many liquid substances of living organisms, such as blood, the sap of plants, and the liquid contained in cells. Theses. Water#8217;s solubility allows for these liquids to have a universal concentration throughout the entire liquid, making the distribution of the ions or molecules in the solution equal.

Another property of water is its high specific heat. The ability of water to stabilize temperatures in natural ecosystems is a result of creative writing tips its high specific heat. Specific heat is defined as the review amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for one gram of a substance to change its temperature by one degree Celsius. Water#8217;s specific heat is defined as one calorie per gram per degree Celsius. This information comes from the definition of a calorie, the amount of heat that causes one gram of creative for highschool water to change its temperature by one degree Celsius. Because of water#8217;s high specific heat, water#8217;s temperature will change less when it absorbs or loses a certain amount of heat. Water resists changing its temperature, and when it happens to change it, it absorbs or loses a large quantity of school heat for each change in temperature. Water#8217;s specific heat is a direct result of hydrogen bonding. Large amounts of heat must be absorbed in order to break the hydrogen bonds, and large amounts of writing tips for highschool heat are released when hydrogen bonds form.

One calorie doesn#8217;t cause a large change in the temperature primarily because most of the paper on hotel heat energy is used to disrupt the hydrogen bonds before the water molecules can start moving faster. When the temperature drops slightly, many hydrogen bonds form, releasing a large amount of tips students heat energy. Water#8217;s high specific heat is english, directly related to tips students life on Earth through climate. Bodies of water in coastal areas can store large amounts of heat during the day and release heat at night when cooling. The specific heat also stabilizes ocean temperatures, creating a more favorable environment for marine life.

Therefore, as a result of water#8217;s high specific heat, the water on Earth keeps temperature changes on land and in water within life-permitting limits. Animals are also mostly made of water, allowing them to resist changes in their own temperatures. Essayer Translation. Water is creative, so abundant and present in everyday life that it#8217;s easy to neglect the fact that it is an ie business school essay exceptional substance with many extraordinary qualities. Following the theme of emergent properties, water#8217;s unique behavior can be traced to the structure and interactions of its molecules. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 15 July 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on AP Biology: The Properties of Water. for only $16.38 $13.9/page.

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Pioneer Opportunities in Cather and Faulkner. Willa Cather's My Antonia and William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury are contrasted. Both texts offer different temporal perspectives on the myth of free-land. Cather's novel is prospective, occluding the actual political and commercial fragmentation of the future from creative for highschool students, which she is writing in order to portray the uncertainty in transition felt by the American pioneer; Faulkner's novel is retrospective, highlighting through the collapse of language and time the historical failure of democratic possibility. Whitman's concept of America as a teeming nation of nations ('Preface' to revising essays Leaves of Grass , Norton, p.2081) implies that the country is a ferment of international identities. It possesses no unified domestically based culture but is constructed from those brought to it from abroad. This tension between the domestic and the foreign is revealed in some American writers in their treatment of prospect and retrospect. Willa Cather writes of a liminal period of American history, when America possesses only for highschool students a tentative past and only the prospect of a positive future. Physical space stands as a metaphor for the establishment of microfinance review a coherent American nation, in writing tips students, which there is not yet a 'Country' but merely country, the material out of which countries are made ( My ntonia , p.7). Her narrative concerns itself with both the geographical and historical frontier and the abstract frontier, the point of balance between America as constructed from outside, by a melting-pot of foreigners whose identity and pierre laplace a philosophical essay, sense of self derives from writing tips, other lands, and America as possessing its own sense of selfhood.1 The Sound and the Fury stands on the far side of pierre laplace a philosophical this line. Writing Tips Students? Faulkner's Southern, post-First World War, post Eliot and Joyce context locates him in a heritage of modernity, dispossession and disenchantment.

In The Sound and the Fury retrospect is all that exists. Every important event has already happened by the time we read the novel such that even things which appear to look forward, such as Quentin going to commit suicide, are relegated to research service quality the past. The Sound and the Fury closes securely grounded in the present, window and doorway and signboard each in its ordered place ( The Sound and the Fury , p.199). By contrast, My ntonia projects forward even as it looks back. This difference in optimism between the two novels is evident in their treatment of the land and creative tips, its potential. Jim's first experience of his grandparents' garden is stylised with Biblical overtones. Jim's affinity with the warm earth in this new country where naturally a body feels friendly to the animals ( My ntonia , p.17) is overshadowed by the threat of the snakes.

This metaphor of the land as a pre-lapsarian Eden with the possible threat of the serpent is research paper on hotel service reiterated later when Jim defeats the huge rattler, the ancient, oldest evil (p.49), in the Christmas tree, which is reminiscent of the Tree of Knowledge (p.83) and at the end of the writing tips for highschool, novel as Jim and ntonia walk through the microfinance review, apple orchard. The description of the latter scene stands as a metaphor for the relationship of the rural to the urban in the novel as a whole: There was the deepest peace in that orchard. It was surrounded by a triple enclosure; the wire fence, then the creative writing tips for highschool students, hedge of thorny locusts, then the mulberry hedge. (p.341) My ntonia , like O Pioneers , contains the story of Man (and especially Woman) successfully harnessing nature and revising essays, working with the land. Creative For Highschool Students? The urban, and the negatives associated with it, lie always outside the centre of the text, threatening but never encroaching on the main narratives. When Jim moves to Black Hawk, he lives on the outskirts, able to look over the country (p.145). In Lincoln, Jim lives in a country part surrounded by trees and blossoms (p.277). Simon Essay? Cather avoids writing directly about the culture of the city such that the problems associated with it are brought to tips for highschool the country from elsewhere.

Wick Cutter comes to Black Hawk from Iowa and is one of the fast set of businessmen and the tragic conclusion to his story (an apt warning for Jason Compson) is relegated to an incidental place in the narrative at the end. Jim Burden's ultimate history, his sterile job as a worker for the railways, that mediating force between urban and pierre simon a philosophical essay on probabilities, rural lanscapes, is placed outside the main frame of the novel, as a preface. Cather, writing the novel in 1918, must have been well-aware of the problems of the capitalist world but by refusing to creative writing students fully elucidate the urban state she heightens the novel's sense of hanging on the edge. From the introverted and rural perspective of the novel and revising essays, its characters the future seems optomistic, fashioned with the writing tips for highschool, tropes of the idyllic pastoral. For the reader, objective, detached and revising essays, with historical awareness, this is tips for highschool a parochial vision, one consistent with the perspective of those who stand on boundaries uncertain as to where they are moving next.

With significant contrast, The Sound and the Fury places the lack of fulfilment of the translation, New World's democratic prospects at its forefront. Tips? The landscape is predominated by urban motifs, even though Jefferson is ie business school supposedly a small country town. Jefferson is populated by 'town squirts', immigrants, petty criminals and aggressive capitalists. Moneymaking relies on sucking people in (p.146) rather than offering the opportunity for expanding the land. Jason's saving of money is yet another means of writing for highschool students possessing the past, his attempt to mark how far he has come from having nothing. For Alexandra in O Pioneers , saving and spending are congruent with realising opportunity in the future. Whereas in Cather race issues are remarkable by their absence, here racism is rife. Revising Essays? Luster's desperation to find a quarter to go to the show (unlike the theatre in My Antonia, this show is not culturally expansive) epitomises the tips students, problems of theses or thesis capitalism and the coloured divide: Nigger's money good as white folks, I reckon.

White folks gives nigger money because know first white man comes along with a band going to get it all back, so nigger can go to work for some more. (p.10) In terms of the land as a metaphor for the possibility of America, Quentin's sense of enclosure on his train-ride home from Harvard is far from the expansiveness experienced by Jim on his outward journey, and creative tips, his sense of a transition to a new land.2 Ironically too, Quentin's return is an indictment of or thesis a system which requires the rural, Benjy's pasture, to writing for highschool students be exchanged for essay an education which ultimately results in tips for highschool, further disillusionment rather than opportunity. Along with the dichotomy between urban and rural, the trope of school childhood and adulthood is one fitted to the American context.5 Cather's presentation of the pioneer experience as a progression from the old and other to the new and domestic fits with a sense of America moving through its adolescence. The time-scale of writing students My ntonia is that of a human life, young Jim and young Antonia growing to maturity and the child is the essayer, embodiement of writing tips for highschool expectation and possibility. Cuzak's boys, vibrant, intelligent, affectionate (p.352) represent the future. Paper On Hotel? ntonia and Jim are the transitional generation, both symbolically of America and literally of which the novel is concerned. ntonia is the earth-mother, fecund and creative writing tips for highschool students, domesticated and, it was no wonder that her sons stood tall and microfinance literature review, straight. She was a rich mine of life, like the founders of early races (p.353).

By contrast, the writing tips for highschool, older generation, those who bring with them the expectations and attitudes of the lands from research paper on hotel quality, which they originate, find it difficult to settle. Mr. Shimerda's death, caused by homesickness, is the most striking example of this (p.101) though Norwegian Anna also expresses it: A new country's hard on the old ones, sometimes. My grandmother's getting feeble now, and her mind wanders. She's forgot about this country, and thinks she's at home in Norway. (p.239) In contrast to the stabilised relationship between past, present and future as embodied by the three generations here, family relationships in Faulkner are disrupted and creative writing tips for highschool, the move to adulthood marks a loss of innocence. Benjy - physically an adult, mentally a child, sexually neutral - possesses language only in so far as it is research quality a marker of concrete objects; he cannot use it in the abstract sense.

For example, he can only register his mother's illness in terms of the concrete feature associated with it, the cloth on creative tips her head ( The Sound and the Fury , p.26). He has no notion of illness as a concept. Benjy lacks language and is therefore innocent of the consequences of his own actions so that if he cannot understand the inference of sexuality ( The Sound and the Fury , p.30), he cannot be blamed for his touching of a schoolgirl.3 Entrance into language represents a loss of innocence because by being able to use abstract concepts we are able to realise the gap between our hopes and their realisations or failures. By associating the idea of Eden, or more specifically the passage relating to the Fall itself, with sexuality Quentin discovers a gap between expectation and essayer translation, experience. He imagines himself and Caddy as Adam and Eve figures, the ancestors of the human race. But when she loses her virginity, thereby admitting her womanhood and fallen state, Quentin too experiences a loss, a deprivation of creative for highschool his desires. Benjy, feeling for Caddy with only paper quality a primitive attachment urge (she 'smells of trees') and being without the concept of time or language, is saved from realising this gap. Quentin, obsessed by time and language, cannot cope with it.

Whilst it is going to far to see an tips explicit correlative between Quentin's disillusionment and that of a modern America that has fallen short of realising its potential, the negative comparison of child and adult in Faulkner might be seen as an indicator of his position in modern history and as a Southern writer. The essentially negative outlook of the novel is mediated by the presence of Dilsey. Whereas the three other sections of the novel are retrospective and the fact that characters are unable to grasp the future is essential to their plight, Dilsey, following the easter sermon, is able to look forward, although to a point beyond empirical and research on hotel service quality, physical time. Writing Tips? As she explains, I seed de beginnin, en now I sees de endin (p.185). Review? By ending on Easter Sunday the novel is writing framed by the life and or thesis, death of Jesus, the predominant child image of Western culture. The novel's projection forwards has an extra-terrestrial context rather than being grounded in the physical land as occurs in Cather. In her texts there is writing continuation of the family line (unlike in The Sound and the Fury ) and the diagram of progression is natural rather than spiritual. Most explicitly in O Pioneers , Mr. and Mrs.

Bergson must die and pierre laplace a philosophical, be buried on creative for highschool students the land before the simon laplace, land yields its fruits to tips for highschool students their children. In Faulkner, any progression is spiritual rather than physical and as such is beyond human control. The concept of the circle of life, part of the ancient lore of mother-earth, is just one element of the constant myth making that occurs in Cather's fiction. The culture of My ntonia is predominantly oral. Stories and myths are passed on such that even the new generation of ntonia's children delight in revising essays, storytelling, demanding that Jim relate his snake killing adventure (p.351).4 The novel partakes in this heritage, not only in its references to Eden but also in Jim's classical interest. His Latin dictum, Primus ego in patriam mecum. deducam Musas, is central to understanding America's sense of unity. Patriam means a small rural neighbourhood rather than a country and creative writing tips, this idea relates to the theme of the novel in taking a collection of theses or thesis identities who bring their own stories and forming them into creative tips a coherent new myth, specifically American.

The pioneering spirit extends culturally as well as physically, although it is an essayer translation english interesting to note that Cather attempts to construct a new narrative in relation to the old modes of pastoral, Biblical and epic. Once again highlighting her sense of transition, her narrative of prospect is founded on the past. Tips Students? By contrast, for Faulkner, as evinced through Quentin, Latin dictums and Biblical references can be restrictive, reducing complex arguments to dangerously inapplicable maxims in a reducto ad absurdum. Quentin's retrospect, placing Caddy's lovemaking in a tradition of lust from Greek mythology to Othello (p.93), implies the consistency of literature man in being driven by primal passions. Even in the new America, there is no escaping from such powerful, uncivilised forces. Whereas Faulkner's novel is constantly retrospective, but technically remarkably adventurous, Cather's is essentially realist in its technique, uses the established modes of myth, epic and pastoral, but looks forward.5 Embodied in the personal experience of Jim, the passing of old friends and his reminiscences at the end is creative writing tips for highschool students actually forward looking. Because Jim himself has now become the stuff of stories, rather than stories deriving from other lands, he himself is part of a new, American myth. His stumbling across the essayer translation, first bit of road to cross the land represents the creative tips, discovery of essay a piece of specifically American archaeology. By having a past to possess, the creative writing for highschool, implication is that America and its inhabitants have moved forward.

His writing down of his memories of his ntonia likewise moves us to the future. Although the narrative still ends with foreignness and orality (ntonia tells her stories in her native Bohemian) the act of writing the narrative, the physical book itself, stands as a testament to the entry into concrete language. Even as the subject matter of the novel hovers on boundaries, the fact of the novel suggests the line from on hotel quality, fluid, alien orality to permanent, native narrative, has been crossed.6 By contrast the tips students, disruption of conventional narrative in The Sound and the Fury represents a protest about the tradition which precedes it and the culture in which it is being written. Just as all the characters are out of synchronisation with their expected positions in the social hierarchy (Dilsey is pierre simon essay on probabilities too dominant for a black servant, the Compsons are landowners who have sold all their land, the teenage Quentin is a rebellious free-spirit) so the book's deliberate failure to occupy an expected generic space implies an uncertainty about the creative writing tips for highschool, cultural state of modern America. This pessimism about literature and language is manifested on a literal level too, as immigrants have now become others rather than partners in the American construction (p.83) and dialects slightly different from the normal are rejected as alien rather than accommodated (p.76). In Cather the negative is microfinance review under-written; Faulkner writes the negative. In both cases, however, the ultimate conclusion lies outside the frame of the novel. In Cather, the creative writing students, historical fact of the prevalance of urban and commercial culture over the rural and natural does not predominate in the fictional, pre-lapsarian world of the pierre simon laplace a philosophical essay, plain.

In Faulkner the failure of aspirations, the gap between expectation and realisation, can only be answered in creative, a spiritual world. Both, therefore, are novels located on boundaries. For The Sound and the Fury, its technical novelty locates it at an extreme of modernity, whilst its contents and characters are constantly retrospective, facing backwards even as the car carries them along (Sartre, p.269). Essayer English? Cather writes of a frontier - geographical, temporal, and writing tips for highschool students, metaphorical - in American history and her novel is both retrospective and projective. Her suppression of the awkward aspects of American history is the result of her attempt to paper on hotel service finely balance the novel on the edge between old and new.

This explains why a text so clearly of a certain time is peculiarly devoid of locative details. The Civil War receives just one explicit reference in My ntonia (the coroner who attends to Mr. Writing Tips For Highschool? Shimerda is research service a veteran) and creative writing for highschool, one implicit (the play Jim and Lena go to see is a war play, 'Shenandoh'). To ground it in laplace a philosophical essay on probabilities, actual history, rather than in an epic and Biblical heritage, would be to creative writing tips for highschool students demand that readers apply a context and consequently ignore just how finely poised the potential for American success actually was. By contrast, for Faulkner, there can be no denying the problems both of the essayer english, present and the past and the uncertainty of the future. The frontispiece to the first edition of writing tips students Cather's Song of the Lark visually demonstrates this concept of liminality. Paper On Hotel? The picture shows a woman walking out from an expanse of plain, the setting sun behind, and looking forward into somewhere unknown and, to the observer of the picture, unseen. [Back to text] From The Sound and the Fury: And all that day, while the train wound through rushing gaps and along ledges where movement was only for highschool a laboring sound of the exhaust and groaning wheels and the eternal mountains stood fading into the thick sky, I thought of home, of the bleak station and the mud and the niggers and ie business school essay, country folks thronging slowly about the tips students, square, with toy monkeys and wagons and candy in theses, sacks and roman candles sticking out, and my insides would move like they used to do in school when the bell rang. ( The Sound and the Fury , p.56) From My ntonia : There seemed to be nothing to see; no fences, no creeks or trees, no hills or fields.

If there was a road, I could not make it out in the faint starlight. Creative Writing Tips For Highschool? There was nothing but land: not a country at revising essays all, but the material out of which countries are made. No, there was nothing but land - slightly undulating, I knew, because often our wheels ground against the brake as we went down into a hollow and lurched up again on the other side. I had the feeling that the world was left behind, that we had got over creative writing students, the edge of it, and were outside man's jurisdiction. ( My ntonia , p.7) The adjectives of speed, effort and oppressiveness in the first passage contrast with those of absence and ie business school essay, uncertainty in the second. [Back to writing tips students text] Benjy's possession/dispossession of language is a difficult issue to explain. If signifier (the cloth on revising essays the head) and signified (the illness) have to tips for highschool be present at theses the same time in order for Benjy to register the existence of illness or other such abstractions, how does he have any stable memory? Following this, if objects only exist simultaneous with their perception, how can Benjy relate his story in the past tense, suggesting that the objects he describes occupy a different spatial and temporal place to himself? How, indeed, can someone mute narrate a story at all? For one explanation, see Polk, pp.139-173. [Back to text] Other examples of myths and stories include: the two Russians and the wolves (p.56); Anton and the priest (p.106); Crazy Mary (p.166); the dead tramp (p.178); blind d'Arnault (p.186); the writing tips, murder of ie business Mrs.

Cutter (p.362). [Back to text] The same is tips for highschool students true of O Pioneers, the title of which interestingly derives from a Whitman poem which signals his own epic vision of the New World. In a concurrence with Cather, his poem opens with an invocation to the children. Ie Business Essay? His fluid style, inspired by the versification of the Bible, also represents a return to ancient techniques in order to present the modern. [Back to text] This idea encapsulates another problematic ignorance of the novel, the fact that there is only one language of writing. All characters are forced to adopt English as the standard, both in the fiction and as the creative writing tips students, language in literature, which the novel is written. This can be explained in positive terms - symbolically, one of the first words Jim teaches Antonia is the word for sky, a natural phenomenon they both share; Mr.

Shimerda gives Jim a dictionary with both English and creative writing tips, Bohemian alphabets - but there is still the problem of immigrant alienation, an alienation which ultimately causes Mr. Shimerda's death. [Back to text] Nina Baym (ed.), The Norton Anthology of American Literature , Volume I, Fifth Edition, W.W. On Hotel? Norton, New York, 1998 Willa Cather, My ntonia , Virago, 1980 (1918) Willa Cather, My ntonia , The Willa Cather Archive. 24 February 2002, Willa Cather, O Pioneers , The Willa Cather Archive.

24 February 2002, William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury , David Minter (ed.), W.W. Norton, 1994 (1929) Anne W. Fisher-Wirth, 'Out of the Mother: Loss in My Antonia ', Cather Studies , 2, 1993 Anne W. Fisher-Wirth, 'Disposition and redemption in the novels of Willa Cather', Cather Studies , 1, 1990 John B. Padgett, William Faulkner on creative tips students the Web, Noel Polk, New essays on The Sound and the Fury , Cambridhe University Press, 1993. Susan Rosowski, 'Willa Cather's Subverted Endings and Gendered Time', Cather Studies , 1, 1990 Jean-Paul Satre, 'Time in the work of Faulkner', in The Sound and the Fury , David Minter (ed.), W.W. Norton, 1994 David Stouk, 'Willa Cather and the Russians', Cather Studies , 1, 1990. Add your Your Comments on this essay. Your Comments on Pioneer Opportunities in Cather and Faulkner To add your thoughts about this page, use the comment form below. This page was published on October 2003 | Keywords: Willa Cather, William Faulkner, My Antonia, The Sound and the Fury. The content of this website is Copyright 2016 using a Creative Commons Licence.

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Success doesn’t exist in a vacuum so when you prepare for the TORIs and look at former winning resumes, you help yourself see other possibilities and explore new channels for how resumes can be written and designed. Spend some time with the TORI winning resumes and your whole idea of research paper quality, wording alone can be broadened immensely. It’s like taking a culinary world tour (if resume were food)! #4 – Taking a Chance Challenges You and Keeps You in the Game. Just like studying the tips, winners, if you look at essayer english entering as a chance to creative tips elevate your skill, reach further, and present your best of the best, then you are winning in keeping your commitment to growing in your craft alive. #5 – Being Motivated to Go to the Next Level Charges You Up. Ever notice when you go to ie business essay a live training event you feel charged up and rejuvenated? It’s because you are learning something new and writing tips students that’s exciting. If you dive into essayer english, the TORIs, study winners, and then look at how you can take your writing to the next level, you ARE rejuvenated. Is that a win?

You bet – when you aren’t tired of writing tips for highschool students, doing the same old thing, you are eager and alive. Pierre Laplace A Philosophical On Probabilities? You and your clients win! #6 – Solving Puzzles Builds Brain Muscles, Which Pays Off in the TORIs. Just like games like Soduko can challenge and stimulate your brain (and keep it fresh as you age), figuring out why you don’t win a TORI can be your brain-building business success puzzle (and magic bullet). IT IS A FACT that when those who don’t win sought feedback, made changes, and kept trying, they started to for highschool win at the TORIs. Many multi-time TORI winners were once entrants who previously didn’t even get nominated. Not getting nominated or getting nominated and winning is an exciting call to or thesis action to gear up and strive for the next level! Don’t let not winning stop you. Accept the challenge. If you do, you really can win, and students win big at that!

#7 – There are Multiple Winners Each Year. Getting nominated for or winning a TORI works, plain and simple. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see the same names entering year after year (becoming nominees and winners). While one TORI award or nomination can (and has) made a whole career, many choose to pierre simon laplace essay keep pursuing those wins each year and in creative tips for highschool students, multiple categories. The beauty is that with eight categories there are 40 chances to revising essays get nominated and eight chances to win. Tips Students? You’re not vying for only one coveted award — there is plenty of opportunity! Take the advice of those who have come before you and cover your bases to win at revising essays this once-a-year career-making opportunity! Sure the tips for highschool students, TORIs are a challenge – it wouldn’t be a worthy competition otherwise.

Like any competition, you might have to train, learning advanced skills, studying layouts, elevating your writing – building those muscles. Or, you might already be at a peak performance level of resume writing fitness (and maybe not even know it) ready to review scoop up an award on your first try. It happens all the time; just look back over prior years and you will see many names you have never seen before! But either way, why make excuses not to enter….? Why not take a chance at being what appears to students others as an revising essays, overnight success? You just never know, unless you try! SO, MAKE THIS YEAR YOUR TIME.

If you don’t want to wait until December of NEXT YEAR for another chance to see if you are a winner and creative writing what that can do for microfinance literature, your business and your industry reputation, then go for it now. Commit to creative writing tips for highschool students making time for this opportunity as it could change your life as a resume writer. Each year, the TORI Awards Director, in tandem with the essayer translation, CDI Board of Advisors, selects the most applicable categories which best reflect current market trends. CDI members are welcome to writing tips for highschool contribute one (1) entry to each category. The TORI Awards Director will ensure all submissions appear anonymous to microfinance literature the panel of judges so that fair and equitable judging can take place.

The first tier of judges are all certified resume writers, members of CDI’s resume certification committee, and many former TORI winners. Students? They are responsible for selecting five nominees in ie business school, each category. A second similar panel of writing tips students, highly-qualified and or thesis certified resume writers will then select the first, second, and creative for highschool third place winners in each category, leading to research paper 40 nominees, and 24 total winners. These are the ONLY categories available for entry this year. Best Hospitality (Travel/Tourism) Resume – encompasses any level of hospitality position from writing tips for highschool students, travel agents to cruise line staff, hotel staff, management through executive, tour guides, banquet/catering, etc. Literature? Best Sales Resume – encompasses any level of sales, business development, or producing sales management. Best Information Technology (IT) Resume – encompasses information technology professionals and managers, etc. Best Healthcare/Medical Resume – encompasses resumes written for medical technicians, doctors, surgeons, medical transcriptionists, laboratory staff, administrators, pharma, etc. Tips Students? Best Executive Resume – encompasses any executive-level position in service, any industry.

Best International Resume – encompasses resumes written for any profession within a non-US market. Best New Graduate Resume – encompasses any discipline, industry, or career level as long as the focus is on leveraging a recent degree as the career target. Best Accounting/Finance Resume – encompasses any level of accounting and/or finance professional from clerk to CPA, and up through CFO. The Master List of TORI Categories. This list is tips students, displayed ONLY to show the breadth of the competition across the years. Please refer to the 2017 list above for open categories.

Best International Resume Best New Graduate Resume Best Healthcare/Medical Resume Best Education/Training Resume Best Legal/Law Resume Best Hospitality (Travel/Tourism) Resume Best Creative Resume Best Re-entry into the Workforce Resume Best Federal Resume Best Military Conversion Resume Best Executive Resume Best Information Technology (IT) Resume Best Technical Resume Best Web Resume Best Career Change Resume Best Cover Letter Best Career Web Portfolio Best Professional Resume Best Sales Marketing Resume Best Sales Resume Best Accounting/Finance Resume Best LinkedIn Profile. TORIs are only open to CDI members. Each entry is essay, $25-40 depending on tips quantity of categories entered. Not a member? Learn more about membership.

The registration deadline to receive entry instructions is Thursday, June 29, 2017 at essayer 12 AM Pacific time. The entry submission deadline is Thursday, July 6, 2017 at creative for highschool 5:00 PM Pacific time. Just Three Easy Steps to or thesis Get Started. Important Rule: TORI entries must be created solely through your own efforts and the input of your client. However, utilizing a third-person proofreader is acceptable. Select what categories you plan to creative tips students enter from the 2017 category list above. Register online for pierre simon laplace a philosophical essay, the number of TORIs you plan to submit. You can start with one in order to creative writing receive the submission rules, and microfinance then add more categories before the deadline. Creative For Highschool? Once registered you will receive instructions for fictionalizing, Client permissions, naming, saving, and school submitting your resume(s) via email. Refunds will not be issued should you opt not to creative writing tips enter a purchased category after registering or submit after the deadline. Nominations and winners will be announced via email once all judging is completed (Oct-Dec).

For initial annual TORI purchases made at any one time*: You can save, and essayer translation english increase your chances to win, when you purchase multiple category entries at one time! When you buy 1-2 total categories = $40 US each When you buy 3-6 total categories = $30 US each When you buy 7-8 total categories = $25 US each. Cart will automatically calculate the discount based on number entered. Please remember there are only eight categories. Already purchased categories this year and creative tips for highschool students want to enter more*? Use this option if you are coming back to add additional categories after already registering this year. $35 US each. * Rates will not be adjusted for categories entered after the initial TORI registration purchase. Refunds will not be issued should you opt not to revising essays enter a purchased category after registering or submit after the creative writing, deadline. Please plan your time during the several months available for TORI registration and entry to meet the deadlines.

Why You Should Want to revising essays Win a TORI. Read a few of the testimonials from former TORI nominees and writing students winners to get a sense of the research service quality, value and power of the competition: Sharon Williams shares in 90 seconds why you should want to win: The TORI was a game-changer for my business. Almost immediately, I had more engaged clients from the market that I am continually seeking to attract. In fact, many of my clients find *me* because they are seeking a resume writer whose expertise has been impartially validated. Also, I find that mentioning the TORI helps in marketing me effectively on my web site and when cold calls come in. Overall, the writing for highschool students, TORI has given me more visibility and more professional credibility than I had prior to the win. - Amy L. Adler, Five Strengths Career Transition Experts. I honestly believe winning a TORI award has been instrumental in catapulting my business to the next level. Being nominated or winning an award says to a potential client 'Wow this person is a cut above, I want some of on hotel service quality, that to rub off on me!'

Whether people have heard about creative for highschool TORIs or not is immaterial. Paper Service Quality? It's all about education. I proudly display my TORI awards on my website and TELL the client of their value by tips students, saying, 'Hey look no further! I'm an pierre simon laplace on probabilities, award-winner!' It's one of those things that is little work for great rewards. It takes no time to fictionalise an existing resume and provide a synopsis, but if you WIN or even if you are nominated, you have strong marketing collateral that you can repeatedly use to creative tips for highschool students sing your own praises and revising essays give you that extra edge for years at no additional cost. - Gayle Howard, Top Margin Career Marketing. “Thanks in part to creative tips for highschool a whole paragraph on the TORI awards I received, I landed a contract for my company to provide outplacement to 134 employees. Many of the employers are impressed that there is such a thing as resume writing awards and a body such as CDI that oversees it. The TORIs helped to elevate our credibility. In my office, I proudly display the nomination and laplace essay winning certificates for creative writing tips for highschool, all to see.

- Surranna Sandy, Resume Solutions. I received more press coverage for the NOMINATION than I have received for translation english, virtually any other publicity over the course of my first 11 years in writing tips for highschool students, business. I can only speculate what kind of media attention winning a TORI would have garnered. - Arnie Boldt, Arnold-Smith Associates. What 'blew me away' (about the TORIs) was the overwhelming feedback from prospective clients. I always ask in initial communications how others heard about me.

I keep track. More than one third have indicated they contacted me after learning of my TORI wins. The links to research on hotel service quality find out my status varied, i.e. my own website, LinkedIn, Twitter, referrals, etc. Creative For Highschool Students? But the revising essays, message was clear; they indicated they 'wanted the tips for highschool, best' and my awards cemented their trust in my capabilities to perform to this level. The TORI has been an ROI that is pierre essay on probabilities, quite simply, phenomenal! - Barb Poole, Hire Imaging, LLC. The TORI Awards have increased my client base dramatically. For Highschool? Since winning the TORI for Best Technical Resume, I have had a flood of tech clients wanting their resumes written.

When I asked why they have chosen my services they usually tell me that they want the best! - Jennifer Rushton, Keraijen. Since receiving a nomination for a prestigious TORI award in the category of Best New Graduate Resume, I received free publicity in the newspaper, and saw my business increase three-fold among college seniors seeking to essayer english put their best foot forward upon graduation. - Susan Geary, 1st Rate Resumes. Learn More About Training #038; Growth. Copyright 2017 Career Directors, All Rights Reserved. Looking for something? Visit the Sitemap.

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ALCGRSV 036/17 - RESERVE CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER AND SENIOR ENLISTED (E7-E9) ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2018 (AY18) KICKOFF ANNOUNCEMENT. SUBJ: RESERVE CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER AND SENIOR ENLISTED. (E7-E9) ASSIGNMENT YEAR 2018 (AY18) KICKOFF ANNOUNCEMENT. A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series) 1. This message announces the kickoff of the AY18 Reserve. assignment season and provides important guidelines and. Writing For Highschool Students? information for Reserve Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs) and. senior enlisted personnel (E7-E9) competing for. Revising Essays? assignment, command cadre, supervisors and creative writing tips for highschool Reserve. personnel at large. Supplemental information on revising essays, the. assignment process, including The Reserve CWO Assignment. Guide and The Reserve Senior Enlisted (E7-E9) Assignment. Guide, is available on the PSC-RPM website: Request widest dissemination of this message. 2. Shopping lists: PSC-RPM-2 is developing and validating. Creative Tips Students? AY18 shopping lists, which will identify anticipated. billet vacancies. Updates will be published on the PSC- a. Validation: Commencing 31 Aug 17, unit commanders. should verify the accuracy and status of revising essays, each Reserve. position on their PAL as reflected in creative for highschool, Direct Access (DA), along with anticipated vacancies.

The Command Concerns. process guide is located on the PSC-RPM website denoted. in paragraph 1. Submit discrepancies or comments to the. appropriate PSC-RPM Assignment Officer (AO) via Command. Concerns by 31 Oct 17. b. Availability: Shopping list messages will be. released OOA 13 Nov 17. Essay? 3. AY18 Assignment Candidate Pool: a. The primary candidate pool consists of members. reported in DA as tour complete in 2018, members who will. Writing Students? change Reserve Component Category (RCC) to Selected. Reserve (SELRES), members advanced to E7 prior to the e- resume submission deadline noted in paragraph 8, members. in pierre essay, reprogrammed positions, members projected to be.

released from active duty, and members in tips, billets with. more than one member assigned. This includes Reserve. Chief Warrant Officers and senior enlisted personnel. serving on long-term Active Duty for Operational Support. (ADOS) who desire a SELRES assignment following their. release from ie business essay, active duty. PSC-RPM-2 will track additions. and deletions to tips the pool created by promotions, advancements, separations, position reprogramming and. b. Members serving on pierre laplace, long-term ADOS orders that. terminate at any time during 2018 are highly encouraged. to apply for writing tips students assignment. Members who do not apply for. assignment will be transferred to the Individual Ready. Reserve (IRR) and may participate in the AY19 assignment. c. PSC-RPM will adhere to tour completion dates when. considering assignments. School? Members generally will not. rotate prior to completion of their tours. Creative Writing Tips For Highschool Students? However, early. Simon A Philosophical Essay On Probabilities? rotations are sometimes necessary to meet Service needs.

4. Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD): REF A, Article. 5.C. describes policy regarding RCD. As a member becomes. more senior, opportunities for assignment within RCD. become increasingly scarce. If a member wants to continue. to serve in a SELRES status, the member should consider. assignments beyond RCD. The decision to accept orders. beyond RCD, however, is purely voluntary. 5. Members who voluntarily accept orders beyond RCD shall. include the following statement in their e-resume member. comments: “I, (rank and name) on (date), understand the. Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD) policy stipulated in. COMDTINST M1001.28 (series), and creative for highschool students will voluntarily accept. Or Thesis? orders beyond RCD.” 6. Members who decline orders are subject to creative tips for highschool students a transfer. to the IRR, Standby Reserve, or may request retirement or. separation, IAW REF A, Article 5.A.10.

Members who do not. successfully compete for an AY18 assignment will be. transferred to the IRR and may compete for an AY19. Members who fail to submit an e-resume IAW paragraph 8. will be transferred to paper on hotel quality the IRR and creative writing tips for highschool may compete for an. 7. For e-resume guidance refer to the CG PPC DA II. To ensure that an e-resume endorsement is completed on. English? time, members should notify their command when an creative writing tips for highschool students e- resume requiring command endorsement has been submitted. The current version of DA will not notify the endorser of. the request and does not allow late e-resume submission.

8. For assignment guidance refer to the PSC-RPM website. Or Thesis? denoted in paragraph 1. 9. AY18 CWO and Senior Enlisted Assignment Plan of Action. Writing Students? a. 31 Aug 17: Potential shopping lists available in. Or Thesis? DA for unit validation. b. 31 Oct 17: Command Concerns and shopping list. corrections due to PSC-RPM-2. c. 13 Nov 17: Shopping lists released and available. d. For Highschool Students? 13 Nov 17 – 29 Dec 17: E-resume submission period. e. 13 Nov 17 – 12 Jan 18: E-resume submission period. for senior enlisted members. f. 13 Nov 17 - 29 Dec 17: AO available for CWO. Microfinance Literature? g. Tips Students? 13 Nov 17 - 12 Jan 18: AOs available for senior. enlisted assignment counseling. h. 29 Dec 17: Deadline for CWOs to submit e-resumes. i. A Philosophical Essay? 12 Jan 18: Deadline for senior enlisted members to. j. 31 Jan 18: CWO assignment slates approved and. k. 11 Apr 18: Senior enlisted assignment slates. approved and finalized. l. 31 May 18: PCS orders released in DA, available to. units in DA airport terminal. m. 30 Jun 18: Requests to retire or separate in lieu. of orders due to PSC-RPM. n. 1 Oct 18: Effective date for AY18 assignments. Creative Writing Students? 10. Assignment officers: a. Chief Warrant Officers (W2-W4): MLES3 Timothy.

Waldt, (202) 795-6528, b. CGD ONE senior enlisted assignments: YNCM Jennifer. Stiles, (202) 795-6503, c. CGD FIVE and SEVEN senior enlisted assignments: MLES3 Timothy Waldt, (202) 795-6528, d. CGD EIGHT and NINE senior enlisted assignments: YNCS Claricia Gautier,(202) 795-6533, e. CGD ELEVEN, THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, and SEVENTEEN. senior enlisted assignments: YNCM Toby Burke, (202) 795- 11. CAPT Rob Hanley, Chief, PSC-RPM, sends. 12.

Internet release authorized. For more Coast Guard news, visit our online newsroom here.

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essay math question Using Writing In Mathematics. This strand provides a developmental model for incorporating writing into a math class. The strand includes specific suggestions for managing journals, developing prompts for creative writing, writing, and providing students with feedback on their writing. In addition, the literature review site includes two sample lessons for introducing students to important ideas related to tips students writing about their mathematical thinking. paper and pencil. Teaching Strategies For Incorporating Writing Into Math Class: Moving From Open-Ended Questions To Math Concepts. Starting Out Gently with Affective, Open-Ended Prompts. Writing about thinking is revising essays challenging. For this reason, it's best not to start out having students write about unfamiliar mathematical ideas. Creative Writing Tips For Highschool. First get them used to writing in a math class:

Begin with affective, open-ended questions about students' feelings. Sample Direction #1 : Reflect on your participation in class today and complete the microfinance literature following statements: I learned that I. I was surprised that I. I noticed that I. I discovered that I. I was pleased that I. Sample Direction #2 : Describe how you feel about solving _________ problem. Have students write a mathography-a paragraph or so in which they describe their feelings about and experiences in math, both in and out of school. (This is a good tool to get to know students early in the year, and to make comparisons later when looking for signs of progress.) (see Mathography Prompts ) Find ways to keep students writing for the allotted time: Encourage students to keep their pencils moving. Try requiring 20 words per answer, even if they have to copy the same words again to reach 20. Use a timer. Ask students to keep writing until they hear the creative writing for highschool timer go off, to encourage them to write for essay, the entire time and to creative tips discourage clock-watchers. Start by giving them two minutes to write, and work up to five or ten minutes at a time. Next Step: Getting Students to Write about Familiar Mathematical Ideas.

1. Once your students have become accustomed to writing about their attitudes and feelings toward mathematics in pierre simon a philosophical essay, their journals, they are ready to writing tips write about ie business school, simple, familiar math concepts. Creative For Highschool Students. It is research on hotel service quality important not to creative for highschool students make the writing too difficult by asking them to write about unfamiliar math ideas. Using writing to revising essays review familiar math ideas will increase confidence and skill in writing as well as revisit important math concepts. Explain in your own words what subtraction means. Explain what is most important to understand about fractions. 2. Use student writing samples to help them refine their writing. (Note: Let them write for a while before discussing examples, so their initial ideas will be their own.) 3. Introduce the term metacognition to help students understand the reason and audience for their writing.

Moving On: Writing About More Advanced Math Concepts. When you feel your students are ready, ask them to write about creative writing tips, more complex mathematical ideas, including concepts being taught at their current grade level. To help you move your students into this more advanced level of writing about their thinking. Here are some other suggestions to help you: 1. Encourage your students to use drawings and graphs to explain their thinking. Research shows that using simple visual aids (diagrams, graphs, etc.) improves mathematical problem-solving ability, especially in microfinance literature review, female students.

2. As student writing progresses, ask students to writing tips students write about or thesis, their small group work. Ask the group to write a summary of writing tips for highschool students how they reached a solution, including any false starts or dead ends. Ask each individual to write an explanation of the group's work on essayer a problem. Have the creative tips students small groups discuss the pierre simon a philosophical on probabilities individual explanations. After a small group assignment, have students explain and writing tips, illustrate two different approaches to solving a problem. Getting Started with Two Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plan #1: Metacognition- Teaching Students to Think About Their Thinking. Overview: The purpose of this lesson is to help students begin to understand how to communicate their thinking. Strategy: Introduce the term metacognition and research on hotel, lead students through exercises that illustrate the concept of thinking about thinking. Time Needed : 15-25 minutes, depending on writing tips for highschool amount of student interaction/participation. Materials Needed: Overhead projector, pens for overhead, writing journals.

1. Introduce metacognition by theses or thesis, writing it on the overhead and explaining what it means. Get students to say the word aloud a few times to make it less intimidating. Writing Tips Students. Then you might tell a story about research in how the theses human brain works. 2. Tell students that the more attention we pay to our thinking, the more we'll come to understand about the process of thinking. Although we're used to just being concerned about the creative tips students results or the answers, if we pay more attention to how we think, it would help us to or thesis think more clearly, and improve the creative writing tips students quality of our results. 3. As a non-threatening exercise to school illustrate metacognition, ask students how they decided what to wear that day.

Ask three or four students to share their answers out loud. Writing Students. Students will most likely give simple answers like, I just wore what I wore, unaware of their unconscious decision-making process. 4. Research Paper On Hotel Quality. If no students mention weather, style issues, etc., as part of their thought process, give prompts to stimulate discussion such as: Did you consider style, weather, what your friends might wear, what you wore yesterday? Ask students what other things could be considered when choosing what to wear. 5. List their ideas on the overhead. You might also list your own considerations for choosing clothing that day. Teacher Note : Point out several times during the discussion that the students are using metacognition-that they are thinking about writing, their thinking. 6. Pierre A Philosophical Essay On Probabilities. Have them list in their journals the considerations they used when deciding on their clothes that day.

Ask them to write, I used metacognition when thinking up this list, to writing reinforce their understanding of the term. 7. If you want to carry the lesson further, you could have students analyze their choice in clothes for the day. Had they made the best choice? List reasons why/why not and relate to their original list of considerations. Ie Business Essay. Do they wish they had thought differently when choosing their clothes for this day? End Result of Lesson : Students will have a beginning concept to use in their discussions/writings about their math answers; and for highschool, you, as a teacher, have the clothing example to return to many times as an example of metacognition they can then apply to math. One Teacher's Experience with a Metacognition Lesson.

After reading many math journal entries, it was clear that students did not write details of how they arrived at their answers or conclusions. Theses Or Thesis. Few wrote more than one or two general statements. I had been in a group of secondary teachers chosen from the district to develop Higher Level Thinking Skills. The term metacognition was used frequently and promoted as a goal for student understanding and use. I decided to creative writing students use this term with the sixth grade students to see if it would help them write in more detail about what they were thinking when they solved their math problems or when they wrote about their ideas. I told them I would share a big and intellectual word with them as I felt they were ready for such a word. Essay. At first they were going to dismiss the word right away; one student said it wasn't even a word. We played around with saying the word and creative, talking about how humans think. I defined the word as thinking about translation, thinking. I chose a common, everyday task that all of tips for highschool students us participate in: choosing what to wear.

When I asked them how they decided what they wore that day, there was a suspended moment of silence. It seemed a pretty dumb question. Revising Essays. A few just said they wore what they wore. This was a perfect beginning as it was the creative writing tips for highschool same kind of response they were giving as to how they were getting their math answers. I told them how I decided what I wore that day. First I checked the weather in research, the paper and by looking outside.

Several agreed that they did this as well. I had to creative tips for highschool decide between wearing a dress/skirt or pants since either one could make a difference in accessories, in comfort, and in the impression I wish to give. Most of the girls related to this one. I had to be sure what I wanted to wear was clean and revising essays, ironed. They laughed at this one. Creative Writing For Highschool. They told stories about clothes they had wanted to wear only to pierre laplace a philosophical essay on probabilities find them under their bed, dirty and wrinkled.

The ironing part puzzled them. They claimed no one ironed clothes any more. I had to check to see if I had shoes that went with the possible outfit. I thought about what I had worn recently as I usually don't wear the same clothes in creative, the same week. I thought about the color I felt like wearing.

I thought about the activities I would be doing that day both at school and research on hotel quality, after school. Each new consideration brought out comments from them. Depending on how long I wanted the lesson to creative writing tips for highschool students go, I could expand on each or just mention it and go on. After this discussion, it was clear to students that their thinking process is literature review richer than they first suspected. It was a good lesson for showing details of the thinking process of which we aren't conscious. I could now explain how the same is true of creative writing a mathematical thinking process. Throughout the lesson I pointed out the times when they were thinking about how they thought, and we would say or shout I am using metacognition. For their journal entry they wrote about how they chose their outfit.

At the end of the entry they were to write I used metacognition in writing this list. It might have been a good extension to literature have asked them to analyze their decision. After wearing their clothes for writing tips students, most of the day, had they made a good decision? Why or why not? Do they wish they had thought differently when they chose their clothes? With this lesson students have the beginning understanding of a concept we can use in discussions/writings about revising essays, their math answers.

We returned to this exercise many times: Remember how we saw all the different thinking that went into choosing our clothes? Remember how we had to probe to see how our minds worked in coming up with that decision? Now we need to do the same kind of thinking about students, thinking in coming up with an answer to this problem. Ie Business Essay. This lesson gave students an accessible example of the kind of details we want in their journal entries. Lesson Plan #2: Peer Evaluation of Journal Entries.

Overview: The purpose of writing for highschool this lesson is to help students refine their thinking about thinking by analyzing many different written responses to the same writing prompt. Strategy: Compare student journal responses to essayer translation english the same math question. Evaluate and discuss with students which examples do or do not clearly illustrate the thinking process. Time Needed: 15-25 minutes, depending on amount of student interaction. Materials Needed : Overhead projector; pens for the overhead; student writing journals; a copy of the creative original math question on a transparency; copies of four to eight student answers from their journals, each on a separate transparency (to give you a variety of answers to revising essays choose from writing tips students during the lesson). Using separate transparencies will allow you to add students' comments from the discussion. School Essay. Make sure the information on creative writing the transparencies is research paper service quality written in creative, large print with adequate spacing so students can read easily. Before Class : Review recently-asked math questions and journal responses. Choose a question whose student answers vary markedly in revising essays, terms of how much detail about their thinking is shown. Select four to writing tips for highschool students eight student answers, some of which show detail and some that are in the realm of I just knew. Do not put student names on the samples.

If you are doing this exercise in more than one class, it is good to use samples from the other class in each group because students will typically be more objective about another class's work. This means you will need at least two sample answer overheads. 1. Tell students they are going to analyze how students in X class (or their own class) are showing their use of metacognition. (Keep using this word. Have a student tell what it means each time you use it for the first time in the day.) To get them interested, you might set up a pretend lab in which they are researchers, or pretend they are creatures from another planet, trying to understand how students think. Tell them they will be looking at a couple of sample answers to see how successful they are in showing this thinking process. 2. Ie Business School. Show the creative tips for highschool original question on the overhead. Literature Review. Leave it showing throughout the lesson. 3. Show one student journal entry on the overhead below the creative for highschool original question. Have someone read it out loud. 4. Ask what parts of the answer were valuable in service, showing how that student was thinking.

Underline or circle such parts if you wish. Let students comment as thoroughly as possible. Ask what else the author might have written so they could better understand his/her thinking. Write these additions on creative writing tips for highschool students the overhead. 5. Research Quality. After doing this exercise with one or two examples that do show some thinking, use an example that shows no thinking about thinking whatsoever. 6. Depending on how discussion is going, choose remaining examples to enhance discussion or stop after three or four. 7. At the end of creative writing students discussion, have students write in their journals about the kind of answers that showed metacognition, to allow them to reflect on the lesson.

They can also write about their feelings as they tried to understand the other students' thinking based on their answers. One Teacher's Experience with Peer Evaluation of Journal Entries Lesson. It is a challenge to or thesis get students to write details about their thinking. Although I saw improvement after the writing students metacognition lesson, more detail was needed in their answers. In my English classes we do peer editing which lets students see what and how others write and school essay, gives them a chance to for highschool be critical readers. I varied this for the sixth grade math class. I looked at one math question the class had recently completed and chose answers from eight different student journals. Some showed good detail and explanation, some showed little or none. Leaving their names off, I wrote each student entry on a separate overhead so as to leave room for student comments (e.g., if they wanted to change or add words, sentences, etc., during class discussion).

I told them to think of themselves as the researchers in this project. These researchers were adults who did not know how sixth graders thought about theses or thesis, math problems. Writing For Highschool Students. The researchers were interested in being better math teachers. In order to do so they were trying to learn where students had no trouble with the math and where they needed help. Research Paper Quality. Students liked this role. The journal assignment had asked students to look at several problems they had solved using bean salads. They had created salads using different ratios of three kinds of creative beans.

Students had worked in small groups and had bowls of actual dried beans that they could use while figuring out the or thesis ratios. They were asked which salad was the creative tips students easiest to make and why and which salad was the most difficult and why. We looked at an entry that had four sentences. Microfinance Review. It was one of the better answers. Students pointed out how the creative students writer used details and how they could understand what the research paper on hotel quality writer meant. They also point out how the creative writer could have improved what s/he wrote so that it would be even clearer.

We all agreed it was an adequate answer. The next entry was Number 1 was easy because it just was. This caused some laughter as students recognized that they had written answers like this. They understood it gave no information about how the writer was thinking. The students agreed that problem number 1 was definitely the easiest, but then they discussed why and came up with some better answers which we wrote down. Another student had written, Working with the beans is easier than working on paper.

This was an important observation that spurred a class discussion about how working with concrete objects like beans made it easier to understand an simon a philosophical on probabilities, abstract idea. Another student wrote, It is frustrating when your brain says one thing and writing tips students, your hand does another. There were immediate nods of agreement on this one. Again, a nice moment of sharing feelings we have all had when trying to solve a problem. Students were very interested in theses, this lesson. Even the students whose answers I used were not concerned that theirs were shown. The additions and comments were made in a professional manner with students taking their job seriously.

This lesson showed students what others were writing. Tips For Highschool. It showed students how to add more detail and paper on hotel quality, expand on writing tips students their answers so others could know how they were thinking. At the essay end of the discussion have students write in their journals. Since all students had written on creative tips for highschool students this journal question, they could copy their original answer and then write an improved version; they could write about the kind of answers discussed in class that showed metacognition; or they could copy one of the answers and add detail to it. Students were positive about this exercise and ie business school essay, gained further understanding about writing their answers. This kind of peer evaluation exercise should be done regularly. As the journal questions get more difficult, students' learning will benefit from seeing other student answers-examples that show there are many possible approaches to solving a problem. Writing Opportunities in Math Class. How and When to Use Journal Writing. 1. When new material has been introduced.

Ask students to write definitions or explanations of a term that's critical to the day's lesson. Sample Direction : Explain in your own words the meaning of the writing tips students term ____________. 2. When the revising essays class looks disengaged or confused. Ask students to write an explanation of something you were doing or a term you used. Have them share journal entries aloud, and redirect the lesson accordingly. Sample Direction : Write down two questions you have about the work you are doing/the lesson we're working on. 3. When collaboration with fellow students is appropriate. Have students form small groups and work together to solve a problem on paper. Creative Students. This will get them to talk to each other-to ask questions and give explanations-all with the common goal of solving the problem. 4. When teaching the value of pierre simon laplace on probabilities revising their work.

Occasionally ask students to pick a journal entry and revise it. This helps emphasize that journal writing is an initial effort that can be rethought and improved upon-the end product is less important than the process. Sample Direction : Review the tips for highschool last three entries in your journal. Select one to translation english revise. Specific suggestions might include, Write a clearer explanation, or Draw a picture to express your idea in this journal entry. Sample Journal Questions/Writing Prompts. Writing prompts can take many different forms. We have found that students respond best when the students prompt is clear and can be approached in different ways. We recommend prompts that do the following: 1. Pinpoint a confusing or easily misunderstood mathematical idea. For Example : Do 0.2 and 0.020 equal the same fraction?

Explain your answer. Many students have difficulty with place value when they begin to study decimals. In our work, students' written answers to theses this prompt clearly revealed uncertainties. As one student responded: The zeroes don't matter, so .2 equals .2. Tips For Highschool Students. This student does not appear to have a good understanding of place value, having over generalized the research paper on hotel service quality hint to creative students ignore certain zeroes. Another student drew two grids in ie business school essay, response to this prompt. In one grid she colored in two rows of tenths and in the other grid she colored in two hundredths. She concluded that 0.2 was way more than 0.020.

Her answer reveals a good understanding of the relationship between tenths and hundredths. 2. Can be solved using different strategies. For Example : Allison's team won 8 out of 10 games. Jennifer's team won 15 out of 18 games. Whose team won a greater fraction of its games? Explain your answer. Students used different strategies to approach this problem . One student found a least common denominator and writing students, then compared the two teams' performance. A second student drew two rectangles, dividing one into 18 parts and microfinance review, the other into 10 parts. He then colored in creative writing tips, 15 and 8 parts, respectively, of each rectangle. The student did not know how to proceed, but he did show a good understanding of how fractions could represent the win/loss records of the two teams. 3. Encourage students to compare two different answers to simon a philosophical on probabilities the same problem.

Who is correct? The problem: Which fraction is writing students biggest? 1/3 or 2/5? Jamar's solution: 2/5 is bigger because 15 is the LCD and 1/3 equals 5/15. 2/5 equals 6/15. Simon. So 2/5 is for highschool students biggest. Bill's solution: I used the calculator. I made them decimals and then compared the decimals.

For 1.3, I divided 1 into translation, 3 and got 3.0. Then I divided 2 into writing tips, 5 to school essay get 2.2. 3.0 is bigger than 2.2, so 1/3 is biggest. This prompt encourages students to consider two very different approaches to creative writing students the same problem: the least common denominator (LCD) method taught in the text and a calculator. The two offered solutions also model fairly clear explanations. In this case a correct and an incorrect solution are offered. As students become more skilled at comparing two responses the differences between the pierre laplace a philosophical essay solutions can be more subtle. For example, two correct answers could be offered with one having a more elegant solution than the other. Managing Math Journals: Helpful Tips. 1. Creative Writing For Highschool Students. Provide students with thin, inexpensive journals. Simon Laplace A Philosophical Essay On Probabilities. College blue books work well: Students feel important using college materials, and additional books can be stapled on as students fill them up.

2. Keep journals in class. Collect math journals each day so as not to lose them. 3. Decide whether you want students to decorate their journals, or reserve them for writing only. 4. Decide on a system for identifying journal entries. Rather than having students take time to creative writing copy the microfinance literature review writing prompt, have them number or date the entries. 5. Develop system for distributing and creative writing students, collecting journals each day. So as not to interrupt class instruction, have a second adult distribute and collect journals, or choose a journal student who attends class regularly to do so. 6. Translation English. Use a timer for some journal assignments. This will help keep students writing. Using clear time limits for writing makes the assignment seem more scientific, more important to students. Encouraging Students as They Write.

1. Creative Writing Tips For Highschool. Be patient. It will take time for students to get comfortable with writing about their thinking. 2. Tell students you understand how new and different this is for them. Remind them that there are no wrong answers in simon essay on probabilities, writing about thinking. 3. Creative Tips For Highschool Students. If students indicate they have no more to say: Read over what they've written. Pierre A Philosophical On Probabilities. Ask questions such as: What other questions do you have about this topic that you haven't written about? or What's another way this could have been said? Have them copy what they've written, so they'll get the idea that they are to write for the whole time given. Tips Students. (Often, they'll get bored with copying and english, begin writing something new.) 4. Ask students to choose a journal entry to revise. Some students will use this revision exercise to rethink math ideas; others will work on writing more clearly.

Whatever their focus, revision tells students their thoughts are important and worth developing. 5. Provide feedback. Let students know you took time to read their journals. You won't have time for in-depth comments on creative tips for highschool each journal for every assignment, so try other kinds of feedback, too: Stars Stickers Smiley Faces. Put stars by sentences that helped you see their thinking. 6. Clearly communicate to students the purpose of simon laplace a philosophical writing in math class. Teach them the creative writing for highschool term metacognition-thinking about thinking-and explain how their writing helps teachers to understand how students think. Other purposes of writing: Writing is a concrete way to show students' thinking that they can look at and think about. Becoming more aware of their thinking process will improve their communication skills, their ability to ie business convey ideas.

7. Creative Writing Students. Use students' writing samples to ie business help them refine their writing. Have the class analyze which answers helped readers understand the writing person's thinking. Here are some ideas for prompts to get students to write a mathography-a sort of autobiography of their history with mathematics: 1. Write down some of the early math accomplishments that you remember from when you were little. Essayer. For instance, when and how did you learn to count? How old were you when you could first count to one hundred?

Who taught you? How did they teach you? Did you show off this new talent to others? 2. When you were in first, second, or third grade what did you like about math? What didn't you like about math at creative for highschool, that time? 3. What do you remember about learning to translation english add and to creative writing for highschool students subtract?

Which did you think was more fun? Why did you like that one better? 4. What was your teacher's name in first, second, or third grade? _______________ What kind of teacher was he or she in regard to teaching mathematics? 5. Did you have any tricks you used to literature review remember adding or subtracting? 6. In what ways is adding and subtracting important? 7. Was math ever your favorite subject? ______ If so, when was it? What about math made it your favorite? If math has never been your favorite subject, what about it do you not like? 8. Writing For Highschool Students. From your experience, do you think boys or girls tend to ie business essay like math better? What makes you think this? 9. Sometimes a teacher, grown up, or an older child can help you like or understand math better.

Did that ever happen to you? If so, tell about tips for highschool students, it. Essayer Translation English. If not, tell about how that would have made a difference for you. 10. Creative Tips. Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for research on hotel quality, the better or the worse. If such a time happened for you or for creative writing tips, a friend of yours, tell about it. If you did not experience such a thing, tell about your steady feelings about mathematics. 11. Lots of ie business school times students think what they learn in math is only for creative writing tips, the classroom and simon laplace a philosophical on probabilities, is really not of much use outside math class. Think about times you have used something you learned in math in your life outside math class. List some of those times when you used math outside of school.

12. What year in writing tips for highschool students, school was math the revising essays best for you? ________ What made it a good year in terms of math? 13. What year in school was math one of the writing students worst for you? ________ What made it a bad year in terms of theses math? 14. If you were in a lengthy conversation about math or math class with friends of yours, what would be some of the things you would say? What would be some of the creative writing students things they would say? 15. Theses Or Thesis. Draw a picture of you and the idea of mathematics.

16. Draw a picture of all you know about mathematics.